About Us

P&S Security Solutions is an established name in the rapidly expanding business world and constantly evolving communities of Andhra Pradesh that are in need of 24/7 protection from expected and unforeseen threats. At P&S Security Solutions we relentlessly endeavour to tackle all sorts of emergencies in a competent manner, as well as prevent any kind of security breach in professional and personal domains of our clients.

P&S Security Solutions works hard to ensure the safety and welfare of the clients. For this, we work with the best in the industry, implement innovative technology, provide modern equipment and trained personnel. Our management team comprises of the best brains in the industry. We aim at providing high quality and versatile services, delivering value at all times while making continuous improvements to our services, offerings and team.

To assure our clients of our competence and credibility, we only use products that are ISI, ULand NSPA approved. We hire only the most qualified to work as field employees. We work as per industry standards and norms, with enhanced safety rules and business ethics.

Ours is a client driven approach to work. We think of our clients’ needs before working out the perfect security solution for them. Every client is unique to us and so are the solutions we provide them. Client satisfaction and client safety is the motto to which all our employees and business policies adhere to.

We provide not just products but end to end solutions as per the requirement of the client and take up assignments on turnkey basis including the annual maintenance. On completion of work, we assist you to get necessary safety certificates and provisional certificates from fire department and other concerned departments and government bodies.

P & S Security Solutions OUR MISSION
  • To prove a level of service that will exceed the expectations of our clients, maintain the highest level of quality and allow our employees the opportunity to grow and prosper
  • To instil confidence in our clients by professionally managing all aspects of each project, irrespective of its size
At P&S Security Solutions we:
  • Aim to supply a high quality and versatile service to all our clients, delivering best value at all times whilst continuing to develop our staff's skill through advance training programmes.
  • We make continuous improvements to our services, offerings and teams - a prime factor in our success streak.
  • We operate with an open and honest relationship with all our clients. This includes joint decision-making processes, agreed objectives and anticipated goals.
P & S Security SolutionsVALUES & VISION

We act with integrity in all of our interactions and never compromise on business ethics. This is our basic principle on which we have established our company, which is essential to our greater goodwill and future success.

Our company functions on these clear values:

PROTECTION - We care about people and their safety.

SAFETY - We care about ensuring safe living and working environments.

TRANSPARENCY - We maintain and reflect transparency in all our dealings.

INTEGRITY -We build trust with integrity, proactiveness and dependability.

With state-of-the-art solutions, alongside persistent customer services; we have proven to be exceptionally efficient in catering solutions to many respectable clients from varied verticals. That is certainly been the reason why we are a cut above the rest in the industry.